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Northwestern Elements

Northwestern Elements is a publication warehouse implemented and overseen by the Galter Health Sciences Library, and it provides the list of journal articles, books, and chapters that display on Feinberg Faculty Profiles and the Feinberg Faculty Portal. Faculty are not expected to interact with Northwestern Elements. The system automatically claims publications on behalf of faculty if the publications include a unique identifier for that individual (such as Scopus ID or ORCID). Each Feinberg department is responsible for developing administrative super users as local experts who can assist in making publication updates if manual curation is needed. 

  • Northwestern Elements Login
    You must be on campus or on the VPN to access the system and log in with your university netID and password.
  • GalterGuide to Northwestern Elements
    The Galter Health Sciences Library maintains documentation on how to use Northwestern Elements.
  • Find Your Department's Liaison Librarian
    Liaison librarians are assigned to each department and are available to assist Northwestern Elements super users, which is one among many forms of support they offer departments and faculty. 
  • Email the Galter Library
    Librarians are available to assist super users and answer questions about Northwestern Elements.
  • Northwestern Elements Training
    The Galter Library offers classes on Northwestern Elements periodically.  Sign up for a session to become a super user or as a refresher if you already have super user access. Note: you must have a university netID to obtain access to Northwestern Elements. If you need to request one, contact your department administrator.
  • How are the Feinberg Faculty Portal and Northwestern Elements related?
    The Feinberg Faculty Portal (powered by Interfolio) is a central data repository on faculty career activity and accomplishments. Northwestern Elements provides a data feed containing the journal articles, books, and chapters that display on both the Feinberg Faculty Portal and Feinberg Faculty Profiles.  

  • Why is Feinberg using Northwestern Elements?
    Northwestern Elements includes all Feinberg faculty and automatically claims publications on their behalf, reducing the need for manual curation of publication lists.

  • What is the faculty experience with regard to Northwestern Elements?
    Faculty use the Feinberg Faculty Portal to manage their professional achievements and can see publications imported from Northwestern Elements, but they do not interact with Northwestern Elements directly. Elements and the Portal have some duplicative functionality, so to avoid confusing faculty, only administrators and librarians interact with Northwestern Elements at this time.

  • What do administrators experience?
    Administrators from each department are set up as “super users” with access to Northwestern Elements so that they can edit publication lists on behalf of faculty. If a faculty member notices that a publication is missing from their profile, super users can log in to Northwestern Elements to manually enter or claim the publication. While Northwestern Elements provides opportunity for recording a variety of scholarly work types, super users should focus only on journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings because those are the only publication types that will display in the Feinberg Faculty Portal.

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