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  • FAO is centralizing more email communication through our organizational email account. Please routinely direct faculty affairs questions and notifications intended for staff in FAO to
  • In February 2023, FAO presented an informational session for tenure-eligible faculty who will be going through the TE interim review process in 2023. View the slides.
  • In January 2023, FAO hosted a program called Faculty Affairs: The Immersive Experience to present a new vision for faculty affairs at Feinberg. View the slides.

 Faculty Appointment Reference Guides

 Reporting Tools

Research Staff Dashboards: Obtain a view into the database that FAO uses to manage research staff, research visitor, and postdoctoral fellow appointments.

 Review System Access and Contact Lists

Periodically review the lists below; if access needs to be added or removed for individuals in your unit, please contact
  • FAO Email Distribution List (Dept Staff): FAO uses this list when communicating news and updates to staff in departments, institutes, and centers. 
  • Department Contact List: This is one of the most frequently visited pages on the FAO website and is intended to help you find your colleagues in other departments. Confirm that key contacts are up to date in your department so that others can reach you.
  • Staff Support: Identifies staff in each department who can assist with faculty profiles, the Feinberg Faculty Portal, and Northwestern Elements. Faculty are referred to this page for support.
  • Institute/Center Membership Coordinators: Identifies the membership coordinator for institutes and centers registered with the Faculty Affairs Office. Faculty seeking membership in an institute/center are directed to the membership coordinator.
  • Feinberg Faculty Portal Committee Access: Review the individuals who have access to the Feinberg Faculty Portal to manage promotion and tenure cases and solicit reference letters.
  • Research Staff Dashboard Access: See who has access to the research staff dashboards for your unit
  • OnBase Approver Access: Identifies the OnBase approvers in each unit. 

 Payroll Forms

 Feinberg Document Templates

 Resources for Provost's Office

Resources frequently requested/used by the Provost's Office appear below.