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Research Staff Dashboards

The Faculty Affairs Office maintains a database of research staff, research visitor, and postdoctoral fellow appointments using Smartsheet. The database is used to:

  • Generate appointment letters
  • Track the status of pending appointments
  • Identify appointments expiring in the next 90 days (or those that have already expired)
  • Produce the roster of active research staff and postdoctoral fellows in Feinberg

Access Your Departmental Dashboard

Dashboards have been set up for each department so that department administrators obtain a view into the FAO research staff database for their unit. View the list of who has access here.

Once FAO has granted you access:

  • Log into Smartsheet using university netID and password
  • Use the left navigation or search bar to find your departmental dashboard. It will use the following naming convention: [Dept Name] Research Staff & Postdocs
  • The dashboard contains 4 embedded reports:
    • Pending Appointments: Contains the list of appointments that are in process with FAO or that have been sent forward to FSM Finance or HR Operations. An appointment appears on this list after an OnBase transaction is received in FAO. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of this section and scroll right to see the process steps that are complete or pending.  
    • Expired or Expiring in 90 Days: Alerts departments to appointments for which a reappointment or termination needs to be processed. Departments should check this report regularly (at least monthly) to ensure transactions are processed in a timely manner.
    • Active Appointments: Contains the active research staff/postdoc roster. In general, individuals appear on this list after both (1) the transaction is entered into myHR by HR Operations and (2) FAO has issued the appointment letter.
    • Terminated Appointments: Contains terminated appointments from the last few years. If you wonder whether FAO received and processed a resignation/termination, you can verify it in this section if it does not appear in the pending appointments section.


The dashboard view does not allow departments to export, sort, or manipulate reports, or to access the appointment letters/documentation uploaded to each record. At this time, the technology does not support providing direct access to the reports unless you have access to the full database. In order to restrict your view to your department's records only, it was necessary to embed the reports in dashboards.