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For Administrators

The Faculty Affairs Office oversees academic appointments for the Feinberg School of Medicine and provides information and resources to administrators who manage academic appointments for their departments. The website is constantly evolving to reflect changing policies and the ongoing improvement we make to our processes. Please check this website whenever you are processing an appointment to make sure you have the most up-to-date information and resources.

Information by Appointment Type

Faculty Career Tracks

Feinberg’s core research and teaching faculty hold full-time or part-time appointments in one of four career tracks. Learn the career expectations of each track and access processes and resources needed to recruit these faculty and support them throughout their career lifecycle.

Other Faculty Appointments

Understand other faculty appointment options available to those who contribute to Feinberg’s academic mission.

Appointed Research Staff

Help faculty build their research enterprise and advance scientific knowledge by recruiting and retaining excellent research staff. The following categories of research staff are appointed through processes established by the Faculty Affairs Office in collaboration with the Office for Research or the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs:

Annual Processes

The following processes occur on an annual cycle. Review the timelines and plan your calendar so that you know what to expect throughout the year.

Resources for Administrators

Access essential resources that support administrative work and help you make an impact in your role.