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Northwestern University Actionable Initiatives for Mentoring Excellence & Scholarship

Our Mission

Mentorship, support and promotion.

NU-AIMES strives to create a culture of mentoring. Through our efforts, we will help faculty grow and excel in their chosen domains of excellence and promote, reward and recognize their personal accomplishments and contributions to the institution.

We are creating career development programs that reward the unique passion and talent of individuals called to work in academic medicine at Northwestern. These programs will show paths for growth that are intentional, specific to Feinberg, and can be incorporated into busy lives.”

Farzaneh A. Sorond, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Faculty Mentoring Leadership Program

We begin our efforts with Cohort I, a collection of faculty development mentors across departments who will attend our upcoming skills development lecture series. Together, we'll develop and implement department-specific faculty mentoring curricula, then continue and reassess the mentoring cycle with additional cohorts.


Our Meetings

 NU-AIMES Session I
Oct. 15, 2019

In this kick-off meeting, we framed the goals of NU-AIMES by determining our opportunities and problems, possible solutions and the metrics for success.

 NU-AIMES Session II
April 14, 2020

The concept of Developmental Networks was introduced to the group. We also discussed the broad variability among departments as it relates to faculty development activities and resources. We also discussed the existing Feinberg resources that may be underutilized and poorly advertised.  

Action item: Develop teams to:

  • Pool and share existing resources among faculty development leaders across Feinberg departments.
  • Identify gaps and resources that need to be developed.
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Visit the Faculty Affairs Office's Career Development site to learn about the programs, services and resources available to assist faculty as they develop their careers.

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