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Financial Aid and Academic Support

Important Contacts

Cynthia Gonzalez - Senior Director of Financial Aid (for MD Program)

  • Can help with aid for unexpected expenses, provides students with information necessary to make educated decisions concerning financial aid.

Emily Osborn - Director of Financial Aid, Chicago Campus

Debt Management

  • Resources to help make students proactive about money to help alleviate financial stressors.

Generation NU

  • Group for first generation medical students to learn more about professional development, financial resources, imposter syndrome, and more.
  • Mission statement: “A safe and supportive community where first-generation medical students can build a supportive network of peers, mentors, and resources to navigate the unique demands of being the first member in their family to attend medical school in the United States.”
  • Contact: Natasha Nichols, MD, Internal Medicine Clerkship Director, Feinberg School of Medicine

Galter Study Resources (VPN required)