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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Diversity & Inclusion

Winding Paths

winding-paths-board2019-836x350.png2018-2019 Founding Board (left to right): Valerie LeBleu – Treasurer, Jannis Brea – President, Caroline Canning – Vice President, Osama Siddiqui - Secretary

At the Feinberg School of Medicine, Winding Paths cultivates a supportive community for self-identified “non-traditional” students whose life experiences due to age or circumstance differ significantly from the typical background of a medical student.

As medical education evolves, so too does the makeup of the student body. A single class may include older students with prior work and/or military experience, married students, students with children, and students who have spent significant time in other countries, just to name a few. Their differing perspectives, priorities, and responsibilities may lend an added challenge to finding the same sense of community as their peers.

Through lunch talks and socials, Winding Paths brings together self-described "non-traditional" students to celebrate their unique paths and provide mutual support for challenges faced during medical school. We also champion awareness and inclusion of these broader perspectives through non-traditional physician-speakers and advocacy initiatives.

For more information contact:

Jannis Brea (President)

Caroline Canning (Vice President)

Osama Siddiqui (Secretary)

Valerie LeBleu (Treasurer)