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Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council


The Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council (NUSAC) serves as an advisory voice and change-agent for Northwestern staff in matters relating to community engagement, professional opportunities, and workplace concerns. This is accomplished through active engagement with staff, the University President, the Office of Human Resources and/or various senior administrators.

NUSAC is composed of staff, appointed by the President or his/her representative, from among the exempt and non-exempt staff of the University. It serves an important function for communication between the University’s administration and the staff. The Council’s primary liaison shall be with the Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resource Officer. The Department of Human Resources shall provide, from its resources and budget, a reasonable amount of support for the Council’s activities. The functions of the Council are as follows:

  • To work with the Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resource Officer, the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, and the President, in hearing and reviewing staff concerns and interests.
  • To serve as a “sounding board” for Central Administration on proposed actions and programs that will affect the staff.
  • To initiate suggestions for improvements in the staff relations of the University and to help bring to the attention of Central Administration useful ideas that may originate from within the staff.
  • To recommend to the President staff members who can serve as appointees on other University committees where such appointments are appropriate.
  • To serve, in general, to help make Northwestern’s educational community an efficient, fulfilling and attractive environment for employment.