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Feinberg LGBTQ+ Alliance


Mission Statement

The Feinberg LGBTQ+ Alliance at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine promotes safety, inclusion, and acceptance of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff through advocacy, education, and discussion of LGBTQ+ issues and rights.

What We Do

Connect fellow Feinberg LGBTQ+ medical students and provide a supportive, educative environment through social events and informal group discussions. In addition, we are a recognized chapter of the Medical Student Pride Alliance (MSPA), expanding our network of LGBTQ+ medical student group partners and providing us with the information and tools to effectively achieve our mission.

Medical Student Pride Alliance (MSPA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization representing the interests and needs of LGBTQ+ medical students. We support our growing campus network of over 30 local chapters and offer national membership for access to important resources related to LGBTQ+ health.

Advocatefor the advancement of LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, particularly in healthcare.

Educate the student body and greater Feinberg community through our Lecture Series and LGBTQ+ Safe Space Training.

  • Prospective Students
    Learn about recruitment initiatives tailored to LGBTQ+ applications and learn about opportunities to connect with the Alliance throughout the application, interviewing, and decision-making process.
  • OutList
    Discover our public, voluntary listing of Feinberg community members who identify as LGBTQ+.

Contact Us


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