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Disability Advocacy Coalition in Medicine

Mission Statement

The Disability Advocacy Coalition in Medicine (DAC Med) seeks to create a culture of disability in medicine at FSM and beyond that is:

  1. Inclusive in teaching how to be a culturally competent provider for patients with different types of disabilities
  2. Informative in communicating how trainees can be involved in combating ableism in medicine
  3. Supportive of existing providers and future providers in medicine with disability

Register for our first annual Advancing Disability Equity in Healthcare conference here!


What We Do

Education Committee

  • Engages in curriculum review to enhance coverage of disability in healthcare education
  • Works to include disability accommodation tools, training modules, and guides in student resources

Programming Committee

  • Plans FSM and McGaw panels, lunch talks, film viewings, and trainings
  • Ensures accessibility of all programming

National Network Committee

  • Plans national summit of trainees by connecting with medical student and health sciences organizations that exist at other institutions
  • Seeks to develop DAC Med into a national space with institutional chapters

Research Engagement Committee

  • Connects with Northwestern faculty engaging in disability research across disciplines, creates a database for collaborations with Northwestern centers and students
  • Engages in a DAC Med research project on disability

Chicago Outreach Committee

  • Identifies Chicagoland organizations FSM students can work with on short and long-term projects and maintains database with opportunities
  • Alerts students of Chicagoland advocacy opportunities at the intersection of medicine and disability
  • Builds a DACMed advocacy project and partnership with a Chicagoland group

Peer Support Committee

  • Creates a database of faculty who can engage in a disability support and mentorship program (start Fall 2021) with student mentees
  • Works with administration to ensure curricular accessibility and support to all health sciences students
  • Partners with Education Committee on building student resources

Graduate Medical Committee

  • Participates in programming events that address the culture of disability beyond the student level
  • Engages in mentorship of health sciences students
  • Serves as liaisons to engage residents and fellows in conversations on disability advocacy


Contact Us

Elizabeth Adams (she/her) and Trisha Kaundinya (she/her) (Presidents)

Drew Zbihley (he/him) (Vice President of Communications)

Rebe Arteaga and Samantha Schroth (she/her) (Creative Directors)

Rebe Arteaga (Treasurer)

Send us an email:

Follow us on twitter: @dac_med