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Association of Native American Medical Students

The Association of Native American Medical Students (ANAMS) is a student organization representing Native American graduate health professions students. We provide support and a resource network for all Native Americans currently enrolled in health professional schools and strive to increase the number of Native American students in medicine. We promote exposure and recognition of native health issues in the medical community. ANAMS National is primarily supported by the Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP).

Read an interview with ANAMS President Caitlin Jacobs

Initiative I: Establishing a Campus Presence

Progress: ANAMS at FSM was founded in 2018 and has worked to establish a strong relationship with the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research ( and make place for students to advocate and participate in ceremony across the Feinberg and Evanston campuses. Students at Feinberg also collaborated to establish an ANAMS Chicago Alliance, comprising of students at UIC and Loyola. Students organized to have Land Acknowledgement ( displayed in Feinberg public spaces. 

Initiative II: Recruitment Efforts

Progress: ANAMS at FSM members provide outreach and mentorship to applicants to Feinberg. Members are working to integrate into premedical mentorship programs and establish pipeline programs encouraging Native youth to foster their interest and success in STEM. 

Initiative III: Integration into Feinberg Curriculum

Progress: ANAMS at FSM members meet with the AWOME Deans quarterly to discuss this ongoing initiative. 

Initiative IV: Establishing Community Partners

Progress: ANAMS at FSM members participate in community health efforts in partnership with AIHS Chicago (, participate in research efforts with CNAIR, and serve as points of contact for various Native organizations within Cook County. 


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