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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Diversity and Inclusion

Vice Dean's Message: Winter 2019


Residents gather prior to attending a Diversity and Inclusion mentor mixer on December 5. View photos from the event here

This year, 2019, marks the 17th anniversary of diversity efforts at Feinberg and the fourth year of the recalibrated Diversity and Inclusion Office here. The space we have covered over the last four years has been considerable. The palpable enhancement of our environment, both in the diversity of our community and the cultural awareness of our institution, positions us as leaders amongst our peer academic medical centers. The journey since 2002 has been long and arduous but we are in a better place with more progress to come. We are grateful to you, our Feinberg community, for supporting our programs, attending our events and aligning with our mission. Thank you.

Our team has expanded to include:

  • Janet Olivo, MSLOC, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach
  • John Franklin, MD, Associate Dean of Multicultural Affairs
  • Anita Munoz, MA, Business Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Virginia Bishop, MD, MPH
  • Maggie Sullivan, BA, Program Assistant
  • Linda Suleiman, MD, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, McGaw Medical Center

With added personnel and expertise, we are more capably equipped to advance the overarching mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion: to enhance a culture of inclusivity here at Feinberg. We continue to regard the diversity of thought and the gift of talent from all members of our community as assets in our position as a leading academic medical center. As our environment and culture continue to evolve, we will do better science, provide best care and educate more skillfully with ideal use of the skills that we all possess.

This issue of the newsletter acquaints us with the deep talent pool at this institution, including excellent students, outstanding residents and fellows, emerging faculty and nationally recognized leaders. Read their stories and realize that Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has a robust talent base that resides within our community. Extraordinary achievements are within our grasp. By embracing everyone, a much more successful and impactful medical center will emerge.

As you read this newsletter, questions, comments or perhaps concerns may arise. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Janet Olivo,, or to me,

Clyde W. Yancy, MD, MSc

Vice Dean, Diversity and Inclusion