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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Diversity & Inclusion

Feinberg Voices

A diverse and inclusive community is important to our faculty, staff, students, and residents. Rollover the images below to get their unique perspectives on how it pertains to their life and work in medicine at Feinberg. For deeper insights, take a look at our members’ stories.


Juan CarlosCaicedo-Ramirez

Juan Carlos Caicedo-Ramirez, MD
Associate Professor in Surgery-Organ Transplantation

"Developing an inclusive environment is a priority for me because it can help to improve patient care, research and educational opportunities for our future graduates. If they learn cultural competency and sensitivity, it helps them to succeed and to do the right thing for all their future patients."


Mercedes Carnethon, PhD
Associate Professor in Preventive Medicine-Epidemiology

"I have found it most helpful when interacting with people from cultures I am not familiar with to start by asking thoughtful questions, so that they can share their “story” with me. As a researcher, it is through these conversations that I can learn about potential new research directions."


Richard D’Aquila, MD
Professor in Medicine-Infectious Diseases

"In my experience, education and research benefit from a wealth of different viewpoints and life experiences. Diversity at our research universities is also a first step toward a wider society better equipped to handle the challenges of a continually changing world."


Samaa Kemal
MD Student

"As a student and council member, I can think of nothing more important than being empowered by those from and with whom I learn. An inclusive learning environment fosters a culture of excellence and compassion where diversity is celebrated and strengthens our community of lifelong learners. "


Melissa Simon, MD
George H. Gardner, MD, Professor of Clinical Gynecology

"Working toward an inclusive world and learning environment is essential to foster collaboration, partnership, and engagement. These elements are necessary for innovation. Northwestern Medicine needs to embrace diversity as an essential component of our mission, one that will ultimately impact the delivery of cutting-edge patient and community-centered care."


Diane Wayne, MD
Vice Dean Education

"I believe diverse teams are the most effective and productive teams. This is one of many reasons I cofounded the Department of Medicine Diversity Council.  As a proud Northwestern alum and faculty member, I embrace the Council’s mission to ensure diversity and inclusion in advancing education, patient care and research.  "