Coronavirus information for Feinberg.

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Photo & Video

If you have photo or video needs, use your department or center's marketing budget to hire an external photographer or videographer. The Office of Communications can help you get the ball rolling by recommending an appropriate vendor. 

No visitors will be allowed into Feinberg buildings without a Northwestern escort. Please refer to the Contracted Photographer & Videographer Policies page for the full process. Please engage our office via email once your PAC request is approved.

Members of the media should follow media relations protocol as outlined by the University.

Fill out our project request form with your shoot's information, budget, goals and timeline, and we'll get back to you with recommendations. Check out the required forms and approval processes below.

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COVID-19 Protocol Update, July 2021

  • Visitors (including journalists) no longer need to register their visits with risk management.
  • Vaccinated crews no longer are required to wear masks inside campus buildings.
  • Crews should follow the same health guidelines as community members.
  • If they are unvaccinated, they also need to use the Symptom Tracker before coming to campus.


All non-University photographers must sign our photographer contract and collect and share signed photo release forms for any student, faculty member, staff person or member of the public who is visibly recognizable in their photographs. Crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt. In those instances, download and post this photo notice to indicate the event is being digitally documented.

These rules govern photographs and multimedia content intended for use online and/or in any University publication of a marketing or a public relations nature, such as newsletters, brochures and promotional items. They do not apply to photographs are taken at news events unless you plan to later reuse them in marketing materials. 

Be sure to review our photography guidelines and tips for great shots once your photo shoot is planned.


All non-University videographers working on University projects are also required to have their subjects sign a multimedia release form — there are separate versions for adults and minors

Your team must have a video insurance form on file before starting any video project. Contact Media Relations in the Office of Global Marketing and Communications for more information. Additionally, if you're working with a video crew on an external project that requires the use of campus space, you must secure approval well in advance of the planned visit.

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