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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Medical Alumni Association

Class Funds

Current as of 9/01/2017

Click here to see descriptions of each of the funds listed below.

The table below offers the same information that is reflected in the graphic above.

YearScholarship NameCash
1955Class of 1955 Bruno Epstein Scholarship$1,190,008.29
1957Class of 1957 Scholarship$251,695.62
1958Class of 1958 Scholarship$285,611.58
1959Class of 1959 Scholarship$539,602.46
1960Class of 1960 Scholarship$263,709.00
1961Class of 1961 Scholarship$152,493.81
1962Class of 1962 Scholarship$193,870.55
1963Class of 1963 Scholarship$141,640.00
1964Class of 1964 Scholarship$164,175.37
1965Class of 1965 Scholarship$29,045.22
1966Class of 1966 Scholarship$60,463.04
1967Class of 1967, Dean Lewis Landsberg, MD, Scholarship$109,350.00
1968Class of 1968 Scholarship$120,489.00
1969Class of 1969 Scholarship$57,708.00
1970Class of 1970 Scholarship$100,750.00
1971Class of 1971 Scholarship$114,861.00
1974Class of 1974 Scholarship$129,238.82
1987Class of 1987 Scholarship$81,850.00
1991Lynda Singshinsuk Class of 1991 Scholarship$96,863.30