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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Admissions

Clinical Training

Feinberg MD Student conducts eye exam at clinic

Feinberg believes that immediate immersion into clinical training encourages professional development, skill acquisition, and informs a student’s learning of basic science, medical ethics, social determinations of health, and the principles of quality and safety.

Early Clinical Training

In the very first weeks of the MD program, Feinberg students begin clinical training in the Education-Centered Medical Home, in which students care for a panel of patients for all 4 years in a team comprised of 15 peers from all 4 classes and a faculty preceptor.

These clinical experiences take place in authentic outpatient environments where students participate in continuity of care. Working with the same cohort of patients over the long term provides Feinberg students with unique learning opportunities not available at other medical schools. With guidance from a faculty mentor, students immediately practice clinical skills such as history-taking, physical examinations, and motivational interviewing.

Clinical Locations

Learn more about the places where our medical students train.

Students in Action

Learn how Feinberg's early clinical training led to first-year medical students saving a life.