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Sean Posada Adapts to Life as a Medical Student

The biggest challenge Sean Posada faces as a first-year medical student is adjusting to a new study method.

“I used to be a procrastinator,” he says. “So I’ve adjusted my learning style and have several different strategies to work with the medical school curriculum since it is so fast paced and intense.”

When he is not studying, Posada spends four hours every other week in his Individual Preceptorship, where he works one-on-one with an emergency and sports medicine physician.

“The fact that you get exposure to patients within the first week of being here, that meant a lot to me because I came into medicine to work with patients and help them feel better about their situation and treat them.”

Posada is also enrolled in the Master of Arts in Medical Humanities and Bioethics program because he is interested in learning more about the humanitarian aspect of medicine.

“A lot of time is spent in the classroom focusing on pathways and mechanisms, but to learn about ethics or philosophy really gives me a refreshing look at medicine,” he says.

Outside of academics, Posada performed as an actor for InVivo, the annual student sketch comedy show and will be a producer for next year’s show.

Sean Posada performs as an actor for the annual student sketch comedy show InVivo.

Sean Posada performs as an actor for the annual student sketch comedy show InVivo.

“It was a lot of hard work and a lot of hours were put into it,” he says. “It was the best moment finally being on stage and watching everyone enjoying themselves, laughing and having a good time.”

Sean Posada

“All my classmates are gifted and bright individuals. They are so curious and always inquiring about things. It’s that drive that makes you the best you can be. The faculty here are really open to conversations and are very approachable.”