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COVID-19 Information for Feinberg Applicants

We understand that these unprecedented times are bringing many questions and concerns to the forefront for our applicants. Our office and Committee on Admissions are cognizant of the extenuating circumstances and curricular, grading, MCAT and other impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic that impact the admissions process for our current and future applicants. Our application review process considers the entirety of the application, and — as always — our Committee on Admissions will provide a rigorous holistic review. Each candidate will be able to provide individual information regarding unique circumstances related to their application, and we encourage applicants to reach out to us at any time so we may provide individualized advice regarding specific circumstances.

View answers to frequently asked COVID-19–related questions below.

Statement updated: 7/1/2021

The following notifications apply to both the MD and MD/PhD programs.

What adjustments have been made to the application deadlines to accommodate applicants?

To accommodate applicants for the current admissions cycle who are facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will have an AMCAS application deadline of Nov. 1, and a Letters of Recommendation and Supplemental Application deadline of Nov. 15. 



Primary Application Deadline

Nov. 1, 2021

Letters of Recommendation Deadline

Nov. 15, 2021

Secondary Application Deadline

Nov. 15, 2021

Feinberg-Specific Commit to Enroll Deadline

To Be Determined

Will COVID-19 disruptions be considered as you make admissions decisions?

Yes. Our Committee on Admissions will consider COVID-19–related disruptions as they review applications. We are aware of the numerous COVID-19 disruptions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Canceled or delayed MCAT (first or repeat attempt)
  • Mandatory grading adjustments (pass/fail in required prerequisite courses)
  • Course cancellations/curriculum adjustments due to the pandemic
  • Transition of in-person to online coursework
  • Canceled or altered lab/research experience
  • Canceled or altered clinical or professional development experiences
  • Delay in research experiments/publications/presentations

The committee is prepared to review each candidate individually based on each candidate’s unique circumstances.

Will I have an opportunity to explain how my application has been impacted by COVID-19-related disruptions?

Yes. A question in our supplemental application will allow you to explain how you have been impacted by the global pandemic.

Can I apply to Feinberg before I take the MCAT?

Yes. Applicants should not delay applying simply because an MCAT score is not yet available. Candidates will be invited to complete the supplemental application prior to the receipt of an MCAT score.

How is Feinberg responding to delayed MCAT examination dates?

At this time, Feinberg School of Medicine will be accepting MCAT scores for the 2022 admissions cycle through October 2021. This timeline will accommodate applicants taking the examination through the end of September 2021.

Will my application be negatively impacted if I am required to take prerequisite coursework as pass/fail?

Pass/fail courses will be accepted for admissions consideration for courses taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will review your application in the context of these circumstances and your unique situation.

Will online coursework be acceptable for admissions consideration?

Online courses or courses transitioned to online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be acceptable for admissions consideration, so long as class grades appear on your official transcript from your accredited institution.

What about laboratory coursework that can't be completed online?

A waiver of the lab portion of the premedicine course requirement will be granted if your institution is unable to offer a remote lab session.

Is virtual volunteering an acceptable way of gaining service activity hours?

Our Committee on Admissions understands that access to in-person volunteering opportunities may be limited during the pandemic and all experiences (including virtual ones) will be considered thoughtfully in the holistic review process.

Are virtual shadowing programs considered an acceptable way of gaining clinical exposure?

Yes, virtual shadowing is an acceptable approach to gaining clinical exposure given the ongoing pandemic.  Our Committee on Admissions understands that access to clinical opportunities may be limited during the pandemic and all experiences will be considered thoughtfully in the holistic review process.  We encourage direct patient care experiences once safely available.

Are virtual/online research programs considered an acceptable way to gain research experience?

Yes, virtual or online research programs are an acceptable way to gain research experience.  Our Committee on Admissions understands that access to in-person research opportunities may be limited during the pandemic and all experiences will be considered thoughtfully in the holistic review process.  Please note that there is not a specific amount of research experience required by Feinberg School of Medicine, however scholarly work is strongly encouraged.