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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Admissions

Class of 2023

Welcome Class of 2023

Congratulations and welcome to Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine! Below you will find a list of required tasks that must be completed by all MD students prior to arriving on campus. Students are encouraged to be proactive about these tasks. In some cases, items listed require time to prepare, therefore dates listed are when the preparation should be started. The actual due dates are listed as well. Even after the date has passed it is important to re-review the items to confirm you have completed all required steps. Check back regularly for updates regarding added tasks as well as deadlines. Please note that Curriculum Requirements and Surveys are listed in both the Curriculum Requirements and Surveys tab as well as in the Things to Do timeline.


Things to Do

Financial Aid, Student Health Forms and Vaccinations, Housing

Financial Aid

Once you have received your award notice, click here to learn about next steps, such as accepting/declining your award, additional forms, refunds and more.

Student Health Forms & Vaccinations Requirements

Deadline: June 15 (Start process to allow time to complete by deadline)
It is strongly advised that you begin working on completing this form ahead of the June deadline. A physical exam is not required, but a visit with your health provider may be necessary if you require additional immunizations. Proof of health immunity (antibody blood titer results) for some diseases, e.g. varicella, and rubeola are required in addition to proof of vaccinations. You will be restricted from certain clinical activities during the Introduction to the Profession week if you have not satisfied the health requirements. For further information, please visit the Entrance Health Requirements for Medical Students page.

Student Housing

Start to explore housing options in and around campus. Check out the Medical Student Housing page of the MD Education site for information.

Student Health Forms & Vaccinations Requirements, CTA/Ventra U-Pass Photo, Drug Screen

Drug Screen Policy

Deadline: Registration opens June 1; Must be completed by July 1

All accepted Feinberg students will be required to undergo drug testing for commonly abused controlled substances prior to matriculation at Feinberg. Linda Daniels, Coordinator for Student Compliance and Support Services, sent all students an e-mail on 5/31/19 containing their student identification number in order to register for your drug screening upon receiving the registration e-mail from Certiphi Screening Services. If you do not receive an e-mail from Certiphi Screening by 6/5/19, please contact Linda Daniels at:  

Student Health Forms & Vaccinations Requirements

Deadline: June 15
If you have not completed the Admission Health Record form, please do so as soon as possible. You will be restricted from certain clinical activities during the Introduction to the Profession week if you have not satisfied the health requirement. For further information, please see the Entrance Health Requirements for Medical Students.


Deadline: June 15
Please review the instructions and submit your photo by the deadline in order to receive your Ventra U-Pass during arrival week.

Transcripts, White Coat, Student Profile, Disability Insurance, Financial Aid, Billing, Health Insurance Coverage, Drug Screen

Drug Screen Policy

Deadline: July 1
All accepted Feinberg students should have completed pre-matriculation drug testing for Feinberg.  Instructions and registration information from Certiphi Screening was emailed to students last month. If you do not receive an e-mail from Certiphi, please contact Linda Daniels at: as soon as possible.

Submit your Transcripts

Deadline: July 1
Deadline to submit your final official transcript showing that you received your bachelor’s degree, and any other final transcripts showing additional coursework/programs completed.  Transcripts should be sent to the Office of MD Admissions, either via mail (address below) or electronically from your school to  Please note that the transcripts that AMCAS requested from you at the beginning of the application process were used for their application verification only and were not forwarded to the Admissions Office.

Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine
Office of MD Admissions
310 E. Superior Street
Morton Building 1-606
Chicago, IL 60611-3008

White Coat Order Form

Deadline: July 1:
White coats are provided for first year students; you will however need to order your coat by the stated deadline so that your coat arrives on time.  Please refer to the white coat size chart prior to placing your order. Complete the order form.

Medical Student Profile

Deadline: July 1
The Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education (AWOME) is committed to cultivating an inclusive learning environment. This form will help facilitate that commitment.

Student Disability Insurance

Deadline: July 1
ALL students are required to enroll in the student group disability insurance plan.  For enrollment information, please go to the Student Disability Insurance page on the MD Education site.

NU Wildcard Photo

NU Wildcard ID Portal Opens: July 10; Upload Photo by July 12
You are required to submit a photo for your Wildcard ID.  This should be done after you have activated your NU NetID and password.

Multi-factor Authentication at Northwestern

Deadline: July 10
CAESAR is the system where you can view your student account, update your address, and manage your financial aid. Login to self-service CAESAR requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA uses your personal phone to provide a second layer of password security. Register your phone now so you are ready to use CAESAR. Registration is an easy online process that is compatible with any phone. For questions about MFA registration, login, or NetID-related issues, please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP).

Financial Aid

In early July you can accept or decline financial aid offers via CAESAR.  If you have not done so already please visit to learn about next steps, accepting/declining your award, bills, refunds and more.



Bill Released for viewing July 10
Deadline to remit payment: August 1
E-bills will be available July 10 via Northwestern’s electronic student account billing system CAESAR.  The payment due date is August 1.

Northwestern Student Health Insurance Coverage Option

Deadline: July 1-Oct 1
All students are required to accept or decline participation in the NU Student Health Insurance Plan. All international students are required to accept NU Student Health Insurance regardless of private coverage. Students will be notified by e-mail when to enroll or waive student health insurance. Please visit the main webpage for details about enrollment and waiver options.

Required Medical Equipment

Deadline: July 12
Please make sure all required medical equipment is purchased by the deadline.

Incoming Class of 2023 Survey

Deadline: July 12
This survey provides essential information for the Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education and will facilitate your placement into various educational groups. 

Required Resources

Please review the list of required curricular resources.

Digital Content and Student Hardware Recommendations

Deadline: August 5
Please review both the “Student Hardware recommendations” as well as the “Pre-arrival IT checklist”. Like many other medical schools, in order to be environmentally responsible and to align our curriculum with the demands of paperless clinical practice, Feinberg has redesigned our curriculum management systems to ensure easy access to all curricular materials in a digital format (including documents, slides and videos). If you prefer to annotate slides and take notes via handwriting rather than typing, you should consider a tablet or computer that supports the use of a digital pen (see below for suggestions from former M1 students). Although there are many choices for notetaking software that students are welcome to explore, all Northwestern students can download Microsoft OneNote for free and obtain a free Microsoft365 account for cloud storage from Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) by following the embedded links. There will be an orientation to digital content during Arrival Week as well as workshops and drop-in hours to assist students. However, these sessions will work best if you come having already tried to set up your devices and watched the IT how-to videos in advance (*more videos will be available July 15*). Students will also be using their own devices to take computer-based exams.

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire

Deadline: July 29 (optional)
This survey covers approaches to learning based on constructs from the learning sciences.  We encourage all incoming students to complete the survey before arriving to campus, and then meet with Josh Hopps, PhD (Director of Academic Success at FSM) any time during the month of August, to receive feedback on your academic profile, discuss common changes in approaches to learning in medical school, finding and effectively using resources, preparing for exams, time management, and more.   Once you’ve completed the survey, contact Jenny Dick to schedule your feedback meeting. 

Expectations of Becoming a Physician Survey

Deadline: August 1
This survey is used to gather essential information to be used during a specific session within the Introduction to the Profession Week. Due date: August 1, 2019 .

Founders’ Day

Deadline: July 15
Review event details and submit Founders’ Day Ticket Requests

Welcome Barbeque

Deadline: July 22
RSVP required for the Welcome Barbeque. 

Feinberg Faculty and Student Dinner

Deadline: July 26
RSVP required for the Feinberg Faculty and Student Dinner.

by Atul Gawande

Deadline: August 5
This book discusses important quality improvement and teamwork principles. It will form the basis of a number of sessions of “Introduction to the Profession” and therefore we ask that you read it before arrival to Feinberg. It is available widely on Amazon and other retailers.

Pre-Matriculation Modules

Deadline: August 12
While the content from the pre-matriculation modules will be included on the first module exam, previous students have indicated they were very familiar with the material. Therefore, the modules are encouraged for students who do not have mastery of the material but completion is not mandatory for all students. These on-line modules will be most helpful if they are completed prior to the start of the first Module, Monday, August 12. They can be accessed by signing into the Canvas Course Management System and clicking on Pre-Matriculation Modules – Class of 2023. You will need an active NU NetID and password to access the modules. If you have any difficulty, please contact the Phase 1a SM coordinator, Gia Whitlow.

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