Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Urology


Residents attend grand rounds as well as the following conferences: multidisciplinary genitourinary oncology, preoperative/morbidity and mortality, education, and research. Many citywide, regional, and national meetings allow additional educational opportunities.

Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Conference

Interesting oncology cases from both Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Veterans' Administration are presented and discussed by representatives from the urology, medical oncology, radiation oncology and pathology services. A comprehensive overview of each case is undertaken, including review of x-rays and review of the actual pathology slides. This is an excellent educational experience, and the multidisciplinary format provides for much interesting discussion.

Resident Education Conference

The conference theme varies from month to month, with individual topics assigned on a weekly schedule. One week per month focuses on GU pathology. This is run by Dr. Ximing Yang, the GU pathologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. One week per month is dedicated to GU radiology with radiologists from both Children's Memorial and Northwestern Memorial Hospital participating. One week per month is spent reviewing topics from Campbell's Urology, which is completed within a two-year cycle. The final week is spent reviewing recent AUA Updates.

Grand Rounds

Again, the topics vary each week on a monthly basis. The first week each month is dedicated to Journal Club, where pertinent articles from the Journal of Urology and other publications are reviewed. The format is conducive to engaging discussion regarding the current literature in urology. One week per month is dedicated to the GU Oncology Conference as outlined above. One week per month is allotted to topical lectures, which are presented by speakers from either inside or outside of the department. Finally, one week per month is dedicated to clinical case presentations. Interesting cases from the various clinical services are presented and worked through in detail to provide the residents with experience in the diagnostic workup and treatment of urologic problems. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to practice for the oral American Board of Urology examination.

Resident Research Conference

This conference is held monthly on every third Thursday at 3 pm. It is attended by basic scientists from our department as well as by research-year residents and their preceptors. During this time, there is group discussion of the ongoing projects. The resident has a wealth of experienced researchers to help with problem solving and experimental design.

Preoperative Conference/Morbidity and Mortality Conference

During this hour-long conference, the cases for the upcoming week for the Northwestern Memorial Hospital academic and private services and the Veterans' Administration are presented. Pertinent films are also reviewed during this conference, which is an excellent educational opportunity with very interesting group discussion regarding the workup and treatment of our urologic surgical patients.

The Chicago Urologic Society

The Chicago Urologic Society meets on the second Wednesday of every month. These meetings are topical and feature a nationally renowned speaker in the area of interest. This is an excellent conference which provides the residents with the opportunity to interact with urology residents from other training programs as well as other with academic and private practice urologists in the Chicagoland area. The meetings are comprised of a series of afternoon lectures and a main evening lecture, which follows dinner and a fellowship hour. Participation by residents is encouraged and funded by the department.

Contact Information

Contact Kelly Ross, our education coordinator, for more information about our residency program.

Kelly Ross