Uterine Fibroid Research Center

Fibroid UterusThe division of Reproductive Biology Research was awarded a five year P01 Program Project, funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development.

Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine leiomyoma, are benign tumors originating from the muscle layer of the uterus, called the myometrium. These tumors can range from a few millimeters to over 20 cm in size. Leiomyomas are common and can occur in up to 77 percent of women while up to 20 percent of women suffer from pain and discomfort, and excessive menstrual bleeding greatly affecting quality of life. Current therapies for fibroids are limited with hysterectomy being the major mode of treatment.

P01 Program Project

Principal Investigator: Serdar Bulun
Goal: To study the basic biology of uterine fibroid growth in response to hormones in order to identify novel targets for therapy.