Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Global Health Interdisciplinary Symposium Series

About the Symposium

The growing crises of opiate consumption in neighborhoods and cities around the country represents a complex and multifactorial modern public health challenge that touches on a variety of areas including criminal law, pain management, addiction response, and collaborative responses.  It is becoming increasingly clear that a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach is needed to thoroughly understand and address the growing opiate abuse crisis.

Extensive resources are being devoted by law enforcement agencies, academics, and health officials to manage the current opiate epidemic using a mix of traditional responses and creative alternative approaches. The majority of these interventions remain siloed, leaving vital gaps in what needs to be a holistic response. We believe greater success can be achieved if these disparate stakeholders work more closely together towards a comprehensive understanding of the crises and the measures needed to adequately address it.

The goal of this year’s symposium is to catalyze the exchange and crosspollination of ideas between scholars and practitioners, from academic, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, interested in understanding and stemming the growing epidemic of opiate addiction.

Through a combination of interdisciplinary panel sessions, this symposium will explore: