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The mission of the Center for Health Information Partnerships (CHIP) is to bring people, communities, and data together to enable everyone to live their healthiest lives. Utilizing new ways of thinking, innovative methods, and interdisciplinary partnerships, we aggregate and analyze health information across institutions and disciplines to positively affect individual and population health.

CHIP has a vision for “information-driven health for all.” To make this vision a reality for patients and communities, our focus areas include:


Partnerships are at the heart of CHIP.  Our collaborators come from public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and all have an interest in working toward a world where data universally drives innovative, practical solutions to difficult health questions affecting our communities. An individual investigator or organization alone is unlikely to have all of the tools and insights needed to fully address these challenges, but together we can identify meaningful projects and provide a trusted environment for open collaboration. 

CHIP is currently uniting its diverse set of project partners and reaching out to public, private and nonprofit organizations that also wish to come together around pressing healthcare and public health issues. For more information, please reach out to our center by phone at 312-503-2986 or e-mail.

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Abel Kho, MD

Abel Kho, MD

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Theresa Walunas, PhD

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Founded: 2015