Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Institute for Public Health and Medicine

IPHAM Vision

IPHAM leadership, centers, and members rely on a common vision to ensure that all our unique work is moving toward a common goal. Our vision defines our approach for all the work we do, from our classrooms to our community.

Research Vision: IPHAM will foster extensive cooperation among university departments, centers, and institutes that will increase the capacity to understand and remedy challenges threatening public health in the 21st century.

Education Vision: By creating an integrated approach to medical school and graduate education related to the improvement of individual and population health, IPHAM will become a widely recognized national leader in the education and training of practitioners and researchers who are prepared to address new and evolving challenges at the intersection of public health and medicine.

Community Engagement Vision: IPHAM will provide international leadership in the development and demonstration of innovative models for teaching, service, and research that actively engage communities to pose the right questions, collect the right information, interpret findings, and apply new knowledge in a way that benefits the health of all segments of society.

Health Promotion Policy Vision: IPHAM will translate research into healthcare and public policy as necessary for health improvement, and will facilitate the involvement of students, faculty, and administration in key policy conversations at the local, state, national and international levels, in collaboration with community partners and policymakers.

Dissemination and Implementation Vision: IPHAM will model and lead optimal approaches to and programming for the dissemination and implementation of best practices in health care delivery settings of all kinds.