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IPHAM announces 4 new Buehler Center faculty members

The Buehler Center on Aging, Health & Society has welcomed a number of new faculty to its programs in recent months.

Rebecca Johnson, PhD, MSc

In January 2013, Dr. Johnson was appointed Research Assistant Professor at the Center; she will focus on the development of projects that reflect her unique research skills spanning the humanities and the sciences. Dr. Johnson’s early work as a PhD candidate at Durham University in the UK focused on discursive analysis of autobiographical responses to bereavement. Dr. Johnson also holds a Masters in Gerontology; her prize-winning dissertation focused on a mixed methods analysis evaluation of public engagement with theatrical representations of aging. In addition to her dissertative work, Dr. Johnson has significant experience as a principal investigator for educational policy-driven research and evaluation at the University of Southampton. Dr. Johnson is currently PI for a new Evaluation of Chicago as an Age-Friendly City grant as part of the World Health Organization's Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities program. This project will conduct an independent evaluation of Chicago's assets and gaps in service to its elderly.

Amy Eisenstein, PhD, MA

Beginning in February 2013, Dr. Eisenstein also joined the Center as Research Assistant Professor, where, in addition to conducting research, she will manage daily operations as Research Operations Manager. Dr. Eisenstein completed her PhD in August of 2011 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), in the School of Public Health, Community Health Sciences, with a focus in Aging; her dissertation was entitled “Individual and Additive effects of Lifestyle Behaviors on Cognition: A longitudinal study.” Dr. Eisenstein joins the Center after working with a number of research projects focused on aging, cognition, and caregiving at Rush University Medical Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also holds a Master’s degree in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. The Center has already benefited greatly from Dr. Eisenstein’s management and contributions to its research efforts.

Dave Lu, MD, MBE

The Buehler Center’s Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP) has added two new faculty members in 2013 as the program expands. The first, Dave Lu, MD, serves as Director of PSEP. He also holds an appointment as Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Lu received his medical training from the University of Pennsylvania, earning both an MD and a Master of Bioethics in 2006. He then completed his emergency medicine residency training here at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Lu’s research experience began during his medical training, spanning the fields of emergency medicine, medical ethics, and patient safety and quality. He has designed and performed clinical research studies on the application of palliative and end-of-life care in emergency medicine. Dr. Lu has applied his training in bioethics to work on ethics curricula for emergency medicine graduate education. Most recently, he published research focusing on the disclosure of harmful medical errors in out-of-hospital care.

Mitesh Rao, MD, MHS

Dr. Rao is the Center’s new Assistant Director of the Buehler Center’s Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP) and Director of the Health Services Evaluation and Policy Research Program. He also holds academic appointments within the departments of Medical Social Sciences and Emergency Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Rao received his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005. He was first trained in General Surgery at the State University of New York Upstate Medical Center and finished residency training in Emergency Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine. While at Yale, he also learned leadership and research skills as part of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program through which he earned a Master of Health Sciences. During this time, Dr. Rao worked extensively in the areas of health care quality improvement, patient safety, and program evaluation, and led a national study of on-call surgical shortages that provided the first national picture of emergency services deficiencies related to specialty care. He has also served on the Medical Directors Council for the Yale-New Haven Hospital as principal investigator for a quality improvement project directed at streamlining consultant care. Dr. Rao’s patient safety oriented publications include articles in General Surgery News and Emergency Medicine News focused on improving care coverage and tackling infections in hospitals.