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Honors Program in Medical Education

Honors Program in Medical Education

Since 1961, our program has offered unique educational experiences for motivated students aspiring to medical careers.

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The Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) at Northwestern is a seven year BA/MD program. Our program is for exceptional, focused and dedicated students who want to become leaders in medicine, while also exploring a variety of experiences.

Why Northwestern HPME?

Research, volunteerism, and travel are all within reach of the HPME student. Our program supports undergraduate students personally and academically. We encourage the exploration of interests beyond the classroom. 

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Students Perspectives

Discover how our students used the HPME program to pursue personal interests. Get their perspective on why Northwestern HPME was right for them.

Pursued a MPhil in Sociology at Cambridge University on a Gates Cambridge Scholarship
The HPME program has opened many doors for me. At Northwestern, I dove into global health as a freshman and became President of a nationally run student-led global health and development organization called GlobeMed."
Taught for 2 years before matriculating to medical school
Another reason I am thankful that I made the decision to be a part of HPME was that I was able to study and participate in exactly what I wanted during college, without worrying about how it would look on my medical school application. I majored in psychology, and am now interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry in the future."
Pursued a MD/MPH and MA
HPME afforded me both flexibility and peace of mind to pursue my interests and convictions."
Member of the Feinberg School of Medicine student senate
What impressed me the most about HPME was the flexibility it offered students and the willingness of the faculty to help each student have a unique undergraduate experience."
Pursuing a MD/PhD through the Medical Scientist Training Program
As an undergraduate student I was able to freely explore my interests in basic science, public health and clinical research without the tremendous pressure of having to apply to medical school. I studied biological sciences as my major but I was also able to study abroad, complete a global health minor, do a public health internship under a Northwestern Summer Research Grant and be very involved in South Asian cultural groups on campus."
Developed an early career interest in medical research
I am confident that HPME has not only streamlined my educational track, but also helped shape my interests and guide my future career."
Pursuing a MD/MPH
The Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) at Northwestern University is unique in providing a perennial pedigree of maturation, development, and excellence right from the start. "
Pursuing a MD/PhD through the Medical Scientist Training Program
Thanks to the three-year undergraduate curriculum, I have been able to find the time to fulfill my dream of studying abroad. Deferring matriculation at Feinberg by one year, I will devote myself to laboratory work at an internationally recognized neuroscience lab in Paris, France."
Completed research at the CDC and lived abroad
Finishing my undergraduate education in three years allowed me to pursue two different opportunities. I served as a volunteer missionary in Japan where I met my wife. I also completed a research fellowship at the CDC in Atlanta. Both of these experiences have greatly influenced my life and my future career."
Lived abroad during his gap year
Thanks to HPME, I have spent a year living in Andalucía, one of the most beautiful and culturally rich areas of Spain."
Awarded Circumnavigators Travel-Study Grant
I believe that HPME has allowed me the space to discover my passions and wholeheartedly pursue them, and I’m excited to see what the future holds."
Pursued a MD/MBA
The flexibility provided to me as an undergraduate allowed me to do research on Medicare, study neuroscience and take active leadership roles on the Northwestern University Student Government and within my fraternity."
Awarded a Howard Hughes Research Fellowship at the National Institute of Health
The accelerated nature of the HPME’s undergraduate training gave me the me the comfort to take a yearlong HHMI fellowship during medical school, which in turn provided numerous additional opportunities as I continue to work towards my ultimate career goal of becoming a physician-scientist."
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