Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Education in Health Sciences

Predoctoral Fellowship


The United States has embarked on major healthcare policy reforms that will pose many challenges for the U.S. healthcare system.  Health services and outcomes research can play a critical role in informing the healthcare policymaking process, developing improvements in clinical practice, reducing healthcare disparities, and shaping the manner in which healthcare will be delivered and funded in the future.

The purpose of the Northwestern University Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Services and Outcomes Research is to help ensure that adequate numbers of highly trained individuals are available to carry out the nation's health services and outcomes research agenda, in order to improve the quality and safety of healthcare, enhance access and healthcare equity, and appraise the effectiveness of healthcare expenditures.

The Fellowship is designed for PhD students who wish to focus their doctoral studies on health services and outcomes research in order to pursue a career focused on research, dissemination and translation of research findings, and scholarly educational activities.


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