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Health Sciences Integrated PhD Curriculum and Timeline

Estimated Timeline to Degree

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four and Beyond

General Curriculum

HSIP students must take coursework in several core competency areas. Track faculty may designate which courses fulfill each competency for a student in their track. A more advanced course can be substituted if the student already has the equivalent of introductory course.

To complete a track there are track-specific requirements of approximately five to eight additional classes in that content area and related electives. The tracks are:

If a comparable course has been taken at another graduate institution, then a student may be able to waive a requirement. A minimum number of nine graded courses must be taken to fulfill the residency requirement of The Graduate School at Northwestern University.

Core CompetencyCourses (choose one for each competency)
EthicsHSIP 400 Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Doctoral Colloquium
Statistical MethodologyEPI_BIO 302 Introduction to Biostatistics
PH 302 Introduction to Biostatistics
HQS 440 Fundamental Methods in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
Research DesignEPI_BIO 301 Introduction to Epidemiology
HSR 425 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Health Services & Outcomes Research
HSIP 441, 442, 443 Informatics Methods I, II, III
Measurement and OutcomesHSIP 401 Introduction to Health Measurement Science
HSIP 441, 442, 443 Informatics Methods I, II, III
WritingPPH 445 Writing and Peer Reviewing for Publication