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Northwestern Graduate Tuition

Tuition is billed quarterly at The Graduate School’s part-time or full-time rate. Tuition for full-time enrollment (3-4 courses) is $17,413 per quarter, and tuition for part-time enrollment (0.5-2.5 courses) is $6,195 per course. 

Tuition and Program Costs

The MS in Health Services and Outcomes Research requires 11 course credits. It can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. Tuition for the full-tme, one-year master's is approximately $65,800, and the part-time master's is $69,165.  

Each Graduate Certificate in HSOR is comprised of 4.5 course credits. Certificates are part-time and self-paced. Total tuition for a certificate is approximately $27,875. 

Students are required to have a laptop computer to connect to class remotely, complete assignments, and participate in software labs. Required textbooks and software cost approximately $350-450.

Internal Reduced Tuition Rates 

Northwestern-affiliated medical residents and fellows are eligible for special reduced tuition through the Feinberg School of Medicine. The capped tuition rates for residents and fellows are below.

Faculty and staff of Northwestern University have access to reduced Northwestern tuition through their employee benefits. The table below presents estimated total tuition for benefit-eligible students entering in 2018. 

Northwestern-affiliated Residents and Fellows
Northwestern employee reduced tuition
Northwestern employee enhanced reduced tuition
(3+ years of service and annual salary less than $100k)

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