Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Education in Health Sciences

UCANU Health Services Research Training Program (T32)

 ucanu trainees

The University of Chicago (UC) and Northwestern University (NU) are partners in the Health Services Research Training Program (UCANU), which provides training to scholars and researchers in health services and health care delivery. The program draws upon the complementary resources, faculty, and expertise at each university, while creating new mentoring and research opportunities for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees.

Joint UCANU Seminars

Each month, program trainees and faculty attend a joint UCANU seminar, which rotates locations between the NU Chicago campus and the UC Hyde Park campus. Two trainees present their research each session. By providing a forum on trainees to present their research to one another, the seminar encourages collaboration, fosters peer review learning enviorment, provides opportunities to practice presentation skills, and offers feedback to the presenters on their research and analyses.

Current Fellows:

Daniel Brock Hewitt, MD

Peter Pruitt, MD

Ryan Ellis, MD

Past Fellows:

Jacqueline Kruser, MD

Howard Kim, MD


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