Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Center for Community Health

Stakeholder Academic Resource Panels (ShARP)

The Center for Community Health (CCH) is piloting a new service to help research teams with community and stakeholder engagement.

CCH developed ShARP as an opportunity for researchers to gather stakeholder input on their research studies.  CCH will organize a panel of community stakeholders with expertise related to the research topic and academic stakeholders with community engaged research experience to serve on a panel. Researchers/Research Teams will have a two hour session with stakeholders to review the study and request constructive criticism on a specific set of questions. These services can be utilized for research at any phase of research design, implementation or dissemination. Feedback discussed during the panel session will be documented and shared with research teams within 7 business days after the session.

This is just one of many services that CCH offers to engage communities in research with the aim of expediting the translation of research findings into solutions that improve health in Chicagoland and beyond. 

For more information about ShARP or to sign-up to become a ShARP panel member contact Grisel M. Robles-Schrader or 312-503-3338.