Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Department of Anesthesiology

Chief Resident's Message

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about our residency program. At Northwestern, we have a long tradition of graduating top-notch physician anesthesiologists. This is because our residents benefit from a diverse clinical environment, robust didactics, and a wide set of opportunities in research, leadership, and global health. 

The clinical breadth available to a Northwestern resident is truly astounding. Within just the several block radius of our Downtown Chicago campus, we rotate through several main pavilions: Feinberg, which houses our general and specialty surgical services as well as our adult Intensive Care Units; Lavin, which specializes in ambulatory and orthopedic cases and provides an excellent regional experience; Prentice, which houses L&D and gynecological cases; and Lurie Children's, a standalone hospital where we do our pediatric rotations. Interested residents can also travel (still within Chicago) to Cook County for an elective trauma rotation. Our program offers a truly full-service clinical experience that prepares trainees to excel as consultant anesthesiologists. 

We are also constantly focused on evolving and remaining at the leading edge of our field. You will work with some of the industry’s premier academic faculty, who keep busy presenting at conferences, writing book chapters, and conducting cutting-edge clinical trials. Along with elective research rotations, residents are encouraged to attend and present at both regional and national society meetings, for which they can use designated CME days. Residents with a truly global perspective have a wide array of opportunities: our department organizes an annual, weeklong trip to China (with a focus on obstetric anesthesia), but residents can also travel via Northwestern’s Global Health Scholars program or on a humanitarian mission of their choosing. Furthermore, our educational model continues to improve to meet the needs of modern Anesthesiologists. Recently, we have updated the curriculum to include an emphasis on case supervision and OR coordination. Finally, we are also fully adapted to the new paradigm of the BASIC exam (for junior residents) and the ADVANCED exam (for senior residents). 

The benefits of completing residency here at Northwestern do not end when you leave the hospital!  Chicago offers something for everybody.  The professional sports teams keep the city alive and excited throughout every season, and club sports are offered through various social organizations in the city.  In fact, our residency program has a volleyball, softball, basketball, and flag football team. Chicago has an extremely rich cultural life and is also home to some of the best food in the world. Trendy bars and restaurants are always popping up in various parts of the city and are great places to spend time outside of work. These luxuries are further complemented with Chicago’s rich architectural scenery and the magnificent Lake Michigan which offers the pleasures of fishing, kayaking, sailing and boating – all within short walking distance of our campus. Each year our program hosts a welcome party for incoming residents, a faculty adviser and resident reception, a Halloween party, fellowship match parties, and an amazing residency graduation party.  Needless to say, despite a busy work schedule, our residents have plenty of time to enjoy this wonderful city and all that it has to offer.   

So, after all of this clinical training, didactic education, extracurricular opportunity--and fun--what does a Northwestern graduate do?  In a phrase: whatever they choose! Our residents successfully obtain competitive jobs across the nation, in both private practice and academic settings, as well as fellowships in almost every subspecialty. As a testament to our program, many of our recent graduates have decided to stay here for fellowship and ultimately join our faculty.

We hope you now have a good sense of what Northwestern Anesthesia is all about. Please contact us with any questions about our program.  We wish you the best of luck during the application process, and we hope we get to meet you in Chicago!


Gregory Booth, MD
Chief Anesthesiology Resident


Ashley Budd, MD
Chief Anesthesiology Resident

Howard Lee, MD
Chief Anesthesiology Resident