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Financial Wellness

Our financial wellness program, Life $upport, provides students with a fundamental understanding of personal finance. Use the list below to explore the required and optional sessions we offer.


M4 Required Student Loan Exit Meetings (3 Step Process)

All graduating students who borrowed federal student loans while attending Feinberg School of Medicine are required to complete a three-step student loan exit process through the Life $upport program. To prepare yourself, please login to NSLDS using your FSA ID and upload your loan history to the AAMC Organizer/Calculator

Step 1: Group Student Loan Repayment Meeting
This presentation will provide a broad overview of student loan repayment. Please RSVP for the session that works best with your schedule by emailing Cynthia Gonzalez. If you are unable to attend the group session, you should contact Cynthia. 

Step 2: One-on-One Loan Repayment Meeting
Meet with Cynthia Gonzalez in AWOME to discuss your student loan portfolio in a one on one setting. She will provide sample repayment schedules based on your actual loan debt. The goal of the session is for you to fully understand your repayment options so that you can develop a plan.  Schedule your meeting now.

Step 3: Online Counseling
You will receive an email from the NU Office of Student Financial Services with an invitation and instructions regarding online counseling. This requirement should be complete by a specified date, typically in early May. During the online counseling, you will be required to choose a repayment plan. The plan that you choose can be changed by contacting your servicer. The hope is that you will be prepared to make this choice after the group session and one-on-one meeting. Any questions or concerns about this should be discussed at the one-on-one meeting.

Other Required Sessions

Understanding Your Loans (required for all entering students receiving financial aid)
Do you have questions about your student loans? Do you wonder how you will repay your student loans once you graduate? It is important to think about these things sooner rather than later. Attend this session to learn more.

BYOB~Building Your Own Budget
(required for all entering students receiving financial aid)
Review your resources and compare them to your monthly expenses using the AAMC's interactive budgeting tool. Highlights include: balancing your budget, identifying wants versus needs and setting realistic goals.

Credit 101
Our required Credit 101 seminar will help you learn to make educated decisions about credit. It’ll include information on how to read your credit report, good credit versus bad credit, how to obtain and maintain a high credit score and identity theft.


Students are also encouraged to attend the following sessions:

  • AAMC The Cost of Residency Interview Resources
    The Cost of Residency AAMC Webinar (recorded)
    The Cost of Applying for Medical Residency (FIRST article)
    The Cost of Residency Interviews (FIRST article)
  • Understanding Your Student Loans (required during first year/optional for returning students)
    Attend this session if you have questions about your student loans or concerns about how you’ll repay your loans once you graduate. Date/time TBD
  • BYOB~Building Your Own Budget (required during first year/optional for returning students)
    Review your resources and compare them to your monthly expenses using the AAMC's interactive budgeting tool. Highlights include: balancing your budget, identifying wants versus needs and setting realistic goals.  Date/Time TBD
  • National Health Services Corp (NHSC) Information Session
    This session help you understand the various programs NHSC has to offer, including scholarships and loan repayment plans.
    If you missed this session, NHSC has a recorded version of the S2S Program Application.
  • Mortgage 101
    A representative from Physician Home Loans will present an informational session about mortgages. Highlights include: determining a good time to buy and how much you can afford, renting versus buying and budgeting for a home.
    Friday February 23, 2018
    McGaw 1-401
  • Financial Planning 101
    A guest speaker from MEDIQUS Asset Advisors Inc. will share details about basic financial planning skills. Highlights include: building a financial plan, money management and retirement planning.
    Friday February 23, 2018
    McGaw 1-401
  • Year-End Financial Aid Session
    All students who have borrowed student loans are encouraged to attend the year-end financial aid session. At the end of this session, students will receive copies of their loan histories and projected debts at time of graduation. We’ll also review application steps to ensure your student loan funds arrive for the upcoming school year.  Date/Time TBD.

Additional Support


AAMC Education Debt Manager for Matriculating Students

AAMC Financial Aid Resources for Medical Students

Free Credit Report from Federal Trade Commission

National Student Loan Data System

IRS: Do I need to file a tax return?

Tax Forms From NU

Napkin Finance