Fourth Lynn Sage Scholar Named: Sarika Jain, MD

(From l to r) Laura Sage, Halee Sage, Yale Sage, Steve T. Rosen, MD, Leon Platanias, MD, Sarika Jain, MD, Virginia G. Kaklamani, MD, Jacqueline S. Jeruss, MD/PhD

On August 27, Sarika Jain, MD, assistant professor of medicine, hematology/oncology, and the 2013 Lynn Sage Scholar, shared her research with members of The Lynn Sage Foundation board, including several members of the Sage family.

Dr. Jain seized the moment to thank the Lynn Sage Foundation for its generosity and support of her investigations.

"Your support directly impacts our research. It is vital to the upcoming clinical trial and laboratory studies we will be conducting."

Novel Immunotherapeutic Approach to Treat Breast Cancer

Sarika Jain, MD, the 2013 Lynn Sage Scholar

Dr. Jain’s research focuses on immunotherapy as a complementary approach for eliminating breast cancer. Her work focuses on harnessing the body's own immune system to overcome the barriers that often obstruct many common treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Her novel approach entails a bacterial vaccine, injected into a metastatic tumor, which causes massive tumor destruction.

"I will be leading a clinical trial among metastatic breast cancer patients using genetically-engineered bacteria named Clostridium novyi-NT. We anticipate that this will not only lead to shrinkage of the tumor, but elicit a strong immune response that will target and eliminate cancer cells throughout the body," explained Dr. Jain.

The Lynn Sage Foundation

The Lynn Sage Foundation, founded in 2003 in honor and memory of devoted mother, daughter, and wife, Lynn Sage, is dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. To reach this goal, the Foundation has built a strong philanthropic partnership with the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, raising over $200,000 annually in support of The Lynn Sage Foundation Scholars Program. At the Lurie Cancer Center, this prestigious program funds the country's most promising researchers in the field of breast cancer.

"The Sage name is so important in the field of women's cancer care both in Illinois and around the United States," said Steve T. Rosen, MD, Genevieve E. Teuton Professor of Medicine and director of the Lurie Cancer Center, who offered his enduring gratitude to The Lynn Sage Foundation.

Dr. Rosen congratulated Dr. Jain and past Lynn Sage Scholars Virginia G. Kaklamani, MD, associate professor of medicine, hematology-oncology, Jacqueline S. Jeruss, MD, PhD, assistant professor of surgery, breast surgery, and Chonghui Cheng, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine, hematology-oncology: "These gifted women have accomplished so much thanks to the Foundation," he said.

On behalf of The Lynn Sage Foundation, Laura Sage, daughter of the late Lynn Sage, shared her thanks with both her fellow board members and the Lynn Sage Scholars:

"Every person in this room helps support this amazing work. Thank you all for making it possible. Thank you for everything," said Laura Sage.

“The Sage name is so important in the field of women's cancer care both in Illinois and around the United States.”

- Dr. Rosen