Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Invest in Students and Faculty

The education of our gifted students and the work and contributions of our talented faculty are made possible by the tremendous generosity of our philanthropic partners. Thank you for all that you make possible in our midst.

Celebrating Our Donors

We are grateful for every donation and look to recognize the donors that help Feinberg pursue our vision for medical education and research. Through our Nathan Smith Davis Society, we celebrate our donors through a program bearing the name of Nathan Smith Davis, MD, a man of passion and commitment for the training and professionalism of physicians.

Expressions of Gratitude

"I knew that medicine was the career for me, not only because of my deep desire to help people, but also to work in an environment that was constantly changing and kept my curiosity high.  Without your gift, my family and I would not have been able to overcome the financial burden of medical school in such a tough economy.  I cannot thank you enough for this generous gift; it truly means the world to me."

Alexandra Albanese, Class of 2016
Burton Scholar