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Team Scientist Career Track

This Team Scientist track is for non-clinical faculty who make substantial contributions to the research and/or educational missions of the medical school. Faculty members whose primary activity is in research will typically engage in team science. Their skills, expertise and/or effort play a vital role in obtaining, sustaining and implementing programmatic research. Faculty on this track often have expertise in epidemiology, clinical trials, biostatistics, biomedical informatics, outcomes research or other qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and generally contribute to clinical studies, patient-oriented clinical outcomes research, community-engaged research, population-based studies and/or basic science research. Typically such faculty provide critical expertise to a program or group of research teams as a co-investigator with contributions that do not necessarily require or result in independent grant funding, but some faculty on this track may serve as principal investigator on related research. Faculty on this track do not perform clinical work but do contribute to the education and service missions of the medical school. While most members of this track make research the major focus of their activity, for some members of this track education may be the major focus of their activity. Faculty focusing on education are typically recognized as outstanding educators and contribute to course development, degree program leadership, and other innovative educational products.

For more information, view the FSM Information Guide for Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (APT).

Team Scientist Ranks

     Assistant Professor
     Associate Professor

Appointment Processes & Checklists