Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Faculty Affairs Office

Pre-search Process

Departments must submit a pre-search request and receive authorization from the Office of the Provost to conduct a faculty search before they begin recruiting for the following faculty positions:

     Full-time Clinician-Educators (non-tenure-track)
     Full-time Team Scientists (non-tenure-track)
     Full-time Investigators (tenure track)

Faculty appointed in these positions must be identified from a national search.  During the pre-search process, departments submit their national recruitment strategy for review and demonstrate that they have a financial plan to fund the position.  If the pre-search request is approved, the Provost assigns a pre-search number or Job ID, which authorizes the department to conduct a search and recruit a new faculty member.  The pre-search process is not required for part-time faculty, coterminous faculty, adjunct faculty, non-tenure-eligible research faculty, or health system clinicians.

Develop a National Search Strategy

It is a Feinberg and Northwestern University priority that faculty searches tap into the breadth of talent in groups of individuals who may not be as familiar with Northwestern, especially groups who are underrepresented in medicine and biomedical research. Creating awareness within these groups of the great opportunities at Feinberg, and specific faculty openings, can be a challenge. Below are resources to assist in developing your search strategy, which you will describe in the Pre-search Review Form (see checklists below).

Submit a Pre-search Request

Monitor the Status of Your Pre-Search Request

The diagram below shows how a pre-search request is routed in the business plan database.

pre-search review process diagram