Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Faculty Affairs Office

Annual Reappointment Process for Faculty Appointments Expiring August 31

Every summer, the Faculty Affairs Office will notify each department by email of all its faculty appointments that are expiring on August 31.  FAO reappoints all of these faculty in FASIS via an electronic batch process, but engages the departments to review data and provide additional information before doing so.  The department's role in the reappointment process varies based on characteristics of the appointment, such as rank, career track, and basis (full-time or part-time).

You will receive two emails from FAO that separate your expiring appointments into two groups.  For one group (full-time, regular faculty at the ranks of Assistant Professor and above), you will need to return a Chair's Recommendation for Regular Faculty Reappointment for each individual being reappointed.  For the second group, no Chair's recommendation letter is required.

Reappointments Requiring a Chair's Recommendation Letter

Department Chairs are expected to review the performance of their faculty on an ongoing basis.  At the time of reappointment for full-time Investigators, Clinician-Educators, and Team Scientists at the ranks of Assistant Professor and above, Department Chairs must formally document each faculty member's performance by submitting a Chair's Recommendation for Reappointment to the Faculty Affairs Office using our required templates (available below).  The Faculty Affairs Office will provide a spreadsheet listing the faculty for whom a Chair's recommendation is required.

Reappointments NOT Requiring a Chair's Recommendation Letter

Each department will receive a second spreadsheet that lists all those faculty whose appointments are expiring, but for whom a Chair's recommendation letter is not required for reappointment.  This spreadsheet will contain faculty in a variety of appointment categories (listed below).  You should review the list and note that highlighted fields require your attention.  Highlighted fields must be updated and the spreadsheet returned to FAO.  Though a formal reappointment recommendation letter is not required, Department Chairs are still expected to review performance of their faculty and appropriateness of continued appointment.