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Clinician-Educator Career Track

The Clinician-Educator career track is for faculty who contribute to the clinical, educational, and/or research missions of the medical school but whose major effort is in the areas of clinical practice, practice-related activities, and/or education. Clinical faculty who spend the majority of their time in clinical practice or practice-related activities, but also perform some clinical research, should also be appointed in this track.  This is a non-tenure-eligible (NTE) career track.

Faculty appointed on the Clinician-Educator track select two of the following four domain areas in which to specialize: (1) clinical impact and recognition, (2) education and teaching, (3) original research, (4) health services management. They are evaluated for appointment and promotion based on their accomplishments and contributions in those domains. For more information, view the FSM Information Guide for Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (APT).

Clinician-Educator Ranks

Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Appointment Processes & Checklists