Warren A Kibbe, PhD

Warren A Kibbe, PhD

Adjunct Professor of Preventive Medicine (Health and Biomedical Informatics)



Rubloff Building Suite 11 162
750 N Lake Shore
Chicago IL 60611

wakibbe( at )northwestern.edu

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Education and Certification

PhD: California Institute Of Technology (1990)


Description of Interests

Dr Kibbe is the principal investigator for the Patient Study Calendar module software development project, the caBIG development project that has developed a syntactically and semantically harmonized interoperable patient study calendar using agile design practices. Dr. Kibbe is the co-PI of the NIH-funded Dictyostelium Model Organism Database dictyBase. He is a proponent of Agile software development methodologies and the Agile Unified Process Framework and the application of these to biomedical research problems. Dr. Kibbe's group has developed NOTIS, the clinical trial information management system used for all cancer trials at Northwestern and by the genotype/phenotype biorepository NUgene (http://www.nugene.org) as the source of identified information on participant in NUgene. In NUCATS, the Northwestern CTSA organization, Dr. Kibbe recently received ARRA funding to extend NOTIS to all disease areas at Northwestern, and release the eNOTIS project as a CTSA-sponsored open source project. He is also a key participant in building a computable research representation of clinical data, through his work with the Northwestern Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse, the caBIG Clinical Annotations Engine (which is designed to build a computable representation of pathology reports from the Cerner and Epic EMR systems), and ontology efforts, including being a co-founder of the Disease Ontology (http:/diseaseontology.sourceforge.net) and the semantically computable BRIDG domain analysis model that is being jointly developed by members of HL7, CDISC and caBIG to represent clinical research information and the semantics necessary to conduct clinical trials.

Interests (Keywords)

Bioinformatics; Biomedical ontologies; Genomics; Information Systems; Medical Informatics

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