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Medical Student Societies and Mentors

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has four Medical Student Societies. Each Society is named in honor of a notable alumnus and creates a learning community that encompasses a subset of the Feinberg student body at different levels of training, dedicated faculty mentors, and alumni.

The Societies are an extension of the Feinberg Colleges, created in conjunction with a major curriculum redesign in 1993. Each medical school class is divided into four Colleges, providing each student with a familiar social and academic community that lasts throughout medical school. Each College has a dedicated College Mentor, an experienced clinician who teaches and advises the College throughout the four years of the MD curriculum.

The Societies at the Feinberg School of Medicine link the Colleges across the four years of medical school. Each Society incorporates one College from each medical school class year, connecting students into a network of faculty and other students with varying interests and levels of experience.

Society Structure: 2016-2017 Affiliations (Mentor/Senator)


Ricketts Society

Cooper Society

Lawless Society

Thompson Society


Tim Caprio, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine 

Mobola Campbell, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Eric Schaefer, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Amy Whalen, MD
Pediatrics-Emergency Med


Kellyn Marks, MD

Michael Hoffman, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Whitney You, MD/MPH
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Julia Corcoran, MD


Aaron Gilbert, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehab

Jessica Montalvo, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Adeboye Ogunseitan, MD
Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Angira Patel, MD/MPH


Gary Martin, MD

Gregory Brisson, MD

Robert Golden, MD

Karin Ulstrup, MD

Lead Mentor

Aaron Gilbert, MD

Gregory Brisson, MD

Eric Schaefer, MD

Karin Ulstrup, MD

Student Chairs

Sean Posada ‘19
Pamela Wax ‘18
Tessa Churchill ‘17

Taliya Lantsman ‘19
Gabe Arenas ‘18
Laura Dickmeyer ‘17

Hayley Sparks ‘19
Sanket Shah ‘18
James Maloy ‘17

James Sabra ‘19
Alexandra Welch ’18
Imo Ime Uko ‘17

Google Apps for Society Sites

You will need to be logged in to your Feinberg Google Apps domain account to be able to access the Society websites. All students have Feinberg Google Apps accounts. Faculty can request an account by contacting the MIS help desk at 312-503-0105 and speaking to Karen Kelley. Log in to the Feinberg Google Apps.

Society History

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