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In November 2015, our office established a quarterly newsletter, Diversity and Inclusion Matters. Access past issues of our newsletter below.


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In This Issue
Vice Dean’s Message
Guest Column: Melanie Rak,'96 MD
Alumni Column: Carla Hightower, '87 MD, '91 GME, 02 MBA
Research Spotlight: Sheehan D. Fisher, PhD
Pathway to Medicine: Melanie Rak, '96 MD
Pathway to Feinberg: Elizabeth Groothuis, MD, '14 GME
Students and Residents Travel to LMSA, SNMA
New Promotional Videos
Recent Happenings
New Student Organization: Chicago Graduate/Professional Students of Color Association
Engaging Mentorship
Upcoming Events

In This Issue
From the Vice Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
A Love Note to Trump Supporters and Non-Trump Supporters
Guest Column: Melissa Simon, MD, '06 GME
Spotlight: Asian American and South Asian Health
Spotlight: African American Mental Health
Pathway to Medicine: Namratha Kandula, MD, MPH
Pathway to Feinberg: Inger Burnett-Zeigler, '09 PhD
Alumni Column: Biftu Mengesha '11 MD, '15 GME
Engagement Perspectives
Honors and Awards
Events and Links

In This Issue
Vice Dean’s Message 
Guest Column: James P. Harisiades, MPH
Research Spotlight
Pathway to Medicine: Linda Suleiman, MD
Pathway to Feinberg: Quentin Youmans, MD
Featured Group: Out Network
Alumni Column: Juan Bautista, '11 MD
Pictorial Year-In-Review
Honors and Awards
Events and ODI Links

In This Issue
Vice Dean’s Message
Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing
Diversity and Inclusion Glossary
Spring Lyceum Series Speaker
Honors and Awards: Virginia Bishop MD, MPH, '89 GME, Joe Graves, MD, '16 GME, Lisette Rodriguez-Cabezas, MD
Featured Program: Women’s Health Research Institute
Pathways to Medicine: Daniela P. Ladner, MD, MPH
Pathways to Feinberg: Diane B. Wayne, '91 MD
Office of Institute and Diversity Resources
Diversity and Inclusion Around Campus

In This Issue
Vice Dean’s Message
Meet Jabbar Bennett Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion
Perspectives on Diversity: MD/PhD Student Warren Alexander McGee on Religious Diversity
Diversity & Inclusion Glossary
Research on the Forefront
Pathways to Medicine: Eric G. Neilson, MD
Pathways to Feinberg: Seok-Jo Kim, PhD
Featured Student Groups: SNMA and LMSA
Featured Programs: Northwestern Medicine Scholars and SQ Scholars
Events & Announcements

In This Issue
Class of 2019
Diversity & Inclusion Glossary
Recently Funded Health Disparities Research
Research on the Forefront
Pathways to Medicine: John Franklin, MD
Pathways to Feinberg: Anita Munoz
Featured Student Group: Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association
Featured Program: Camp Wildcat