Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Office of Communications

Web Services

The Feinberg Web Communications team provides a variety of services, including overall strategy consultation, content direction and online brand management. We oversee and maintain the Feinberg top-level pages, and develop other core sites that are central to delivering the medical school key messaging.

We are always here as a resource to help you develop and enhance your web presence and provide guidance on the latest best practices.

Our Services

Our services range from project planning and general consultation, to strategy development, online marketing, content organization and user experience design, website development and training. Our team only builds sites in a content management system (CMS) sponsored by Feinberg and the university, currently Hannon Hill Cascade. It is important to understand that building a website up to Feinberg standards is a multi-stage process that takes a great deal of time, resources, planning, commitment and input from you and your group.

Learn more about our web services and connect with our team via the links below.

Cascade Help

Send a message to to ask a specific question or get help with your Feinberg site. Our Web Communications team will respond quickly.

Social Media

Looking to develop your online presence? Find guidelines and more in our social media section.