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Social Media Policies and Guidelines

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine strongly encourages our Feinberg community members to engage, build networks of like-minded scholars, stay connected, share information, and help us promote the medical school's goals and vision. Social media technologies – blogs, Facebook, and Twitter – are communication tools that create opportunities for us to take part in global conversations and reach out to the broadest possible audience.

The Office of Communications provides the following guiding principles to raise awareness of current best practices and help Feinberg community members participate within social media channels in positive, meaningful ways that reflect well on them and the organization. If you have any questions about these policies and guidelines, or about your online presence, please contact the Office of Communications for assistance.

Social Media Policies and Guidelines

The Feinberg policies and guidelines are listed below and apply to all faculty, staff, and students. For additional information for MD students, see Social Medial Guidelines for Medical Students.

Social media is very powerful, and can have a great impact on professional and personal relationships. Your choices determine if those lasting impacts are positive of negative.

More Information

If you receive media inquiries about Feinberg or requests to arrange interviews, notify Marla Paul, health sciences editor.

If your unit is planning to utilize multiple social media platforms to share information or augment a communication campaign, the Office of Communications can advise you in developing a social media strategy. Please send your inquiries to Nicole Mladic.

The Doctor is Online:
Physician Use, Responsibility, and Opportunity in the Time of Social Media

Special thanks to Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media for sharing this great resource.

Feinberg-related Social Media

Connect with the larger university and Northwestern Medicine's social media presence via the Northwestern University News Center's Social Media page and Northwestern Medicine's Social Media page.