Feinberg provides a variety of merchandise and logo options for medical school units. When displaying your department, institute, center, or program name on merchandise, options may be limited and dictated by space, format, material or use case, but a solution exists within our system for most instances. The Office of Communications is happy to consult with groups on specific applications given appropriate lead time.

All groups requesting to use the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine name or logo must be reviewed by University Services and Feinberg’s Office of Communications, as indicated by the University’s Trademark and Licensing Office.


When ordering branded merchandise via iBuyNU, please do so at least four weeks before your desired delivery date so University Services and the Office of Communications can review and address any design or trademark concerns related to your order. During certain high volume times noted here, you may need even more lead time. Please place your orders with consideration to the table below. 

Event/SeasonOrder By
Spring Professional Conferences February 1
Match DayMarch 1
GraduationApril 1
Welcome Feinberg StudentsJuly 1
Winter Holiday/End of Year November 1

Branding Considerations

When using iBuyNU, users have the option of adding the Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine or Northwestern Medicine logo. Feinberg faculty and staff are encouraged to use these options.

  • Do not create new logos for official merchandise
  • Use the name of your unit or the institution when possible; avoid using acronyms

Ink Tank

Student organizations with a Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) account and dedicated chart string may use Ink Tank, a custom apparel printer for Northwestern students. This operation has in-house designers, or allows the organization to provide their own design.

Design in Action

Visual examples of incorporating unit names into branded merchandise are included below.

sample t-shirts, pens, business card USB drives, tablecloths