Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Admissions

Diversity and Inclusion

Our institution is deeply committed to creating a learning environment that reflects the diversity of our city. Additionally, we strive to create an inclusive setting that allows the students to truly influence the learning environment and challenge faculty and administrators as much as we promise to academically challenge them.

Within our MD Program, we prioritize the important of cultural competency in our training. Supported by our diverse clinical settings, we impart on our students that comprehensive care requires serving the individual patient’s unique needs, wants, abilities, and challenges.  

Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports a number of groups and programs for all students to explore, get involved, and develop. We also have a number of initiatives for helping students from populations historically underrepresented in medicine find community and mentoring so they can thrive at Feinberg. To access the past issues of the newsletter, please see the Diversity and Inclusion Matters page.

To find a breakdown of our student makeup, please see the Student Body Profile page.