Student Ambassadors

Class of 2015 students at Founders Day

Student LIFE (Look Inside Feinberg Experiences) is an innovative program providing prospective students a window into Feinberg through the lens of our students. This unique pilot program has the goal of answering the following question for ANY prospective student: “Are there students like me at Feinberg?” With open access to FSM students who possess a tremendous diversity of backgrounds, identities, pathways to medicine, personal interests, career goals, talents, activities, and beliefs, our goal is to provide personally tailored, robust information about Feinberg to prospective students.

How prospective students should use the program

How Student LIFE Ambassadors respond


Conversations between Ambassadors and prospective students are entirely separate from the admissions process and will not be monitored. We fully expect the highest level of professionalism from both parties engaging in dialogue and exchange. Unless an unforeseen need arises, conversations will not be shared with school personnel to the extent the law allows.

Admissions Questions

Please note that Ambassadors have been advised to focus on sharing their experiences. If you have admissions questions or questions of an advising nature, please contact the Office of Student Admissions

Financial Aid Questions

Ambassadors will not respond to inquiries regarding financial aid or personal finances. Please direct these questions to Cynthia Gonzalez, director of financial aid,