Health Clinics

Feinberg Student Volunteer Opportunities

Some of our students enrich their medical school experience by spending their free time in the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago volunteering in the following clinics:

Community Health Clinic (CHC)

CHC serves primarily the Hispanic and Polish populations.

Devon Clinic and New Life Volunteering Society Clinic (NLVC)

The populations treated in these clinics are predominately Indian.

Chinatown Clinic

The Chinatown Clinic provides care for the underserved and immigrant population surrounding Chinatown.

Opportunities provided through the Department of Family and Community Medicine:

Heartland Health Center (pdf icon PDF)

Heartland Health Outreach (pdf icon PDF)

Erie Family Health Center (pdf icon PDF)

PCC Community Wellness Center (pdf icon PDF)

Feinberg medical student at Chinatown Clinic

"Clinic helps me remember why I want to be a physician week in and week out. It's great because not only are you helping people, but you are helping people who normally would never get the health care they need and deserve."

- Meredith Hirschfeld