Feinberg’s MD curriculum is designed to prepare students as medical professionals in a time of many changes in health care delivery and exciting opportunities for further advancement in the science of medicine.  In fall 2012, the entering medical students began a new curriculum, organized into three phases and emphasizing integration of four main curricular elements: Science in Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Health & Society, and Professional Development.

Comprehensive curriculum information is available via the Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education (AWOME) site.

Optional Experiences

Our students are given three afternoons a week to fill their schedule with activities of their choice. All activities are optional.


Phase 1 of the curriculum is graded as pass/fail.  Phase 2 clerkship experiences are graded as honors, high pass, pass, or fail.  Regular feedback is provided throughout via examinations, skills assessments, and narrative evaluations; these details also serve to identify students eligible for various honors at graduation.

Each student’s various assessments are compiled in an ongoing electronic portfolio, organized around the Feinberg Competencies along with other work products (a research paper, documentation of work in a community clinic, etc.) provided by the student.  The student and his/her College Mentor meet twice annually to review the portfolio, reflect on the learner's progress toward achievement of each competency, and develop an individualized learning plan. 

Graduation Requirements

Connect with graduation requirements via the Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education (AWOME) site.

Dr. Cochard with students

The full-time MD program provides an opportunity for students to actively learn cross disciplinary medical knowledge in a collaborative environment while experiencing all that the culturally diverse city of Chicago has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the MD program and life at Feinberg via our Frequently Asked Questions page.